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Premium Fasteners & Hardware delivered Australia wide 🇦🇺
Premium Fasteners & Hardware delivered Australia wide 🇦🇺

Custom Painted & Coloured Fasteners - Screws & Rivets


At NPX Fasteners, we can professionally paint EVERY screw and rivet in our range (except sealed rivets) in both bulk and small pack orders. Whether you require custom coloured fasteners for a specific job, or are looking for a reliable supplier of Colorbond® coloured fasteners, NPX can provide coloured screws with quick turnaround times on painted screws, rivets and more.

View our range of screws and rivets which can all be painted both standard Colorbond® and custom colours, simply select this option when viewing the fastener you are wanting to order.

Colorbond® Coloured Fasteners

We stock a broad range of painted screws and rivets in popular sizes and in current Colorbond® colours including Bluegum, Dover White & Southerly and also some legacy discontinued colours. We can also paint screws and rivets to order, including the range of metallic Colorbond® colours and colour-matched specials. Perfect for roofing and fencing applications, we are able to paint fasteners to order in the following Colorbond® colours:There are a number of screws and rivets that are commonly painted in standard Colorbond® colours and we are likely to already have stock of these products. These stocked painted products will tend to be more cost effective and can usually be dispatched immediately.

Within each screw and rivet product page you can select from the full range of standard Colorbond® colours as well as black and white.

Custom Painted & Coloured Fasteners

If you have a specific colour you’re looking to have your fasteners painted then you can rely upon NPX. We have the capability to provide our whole range of fasteners in almost any custom colour. Save yourself the time and frustration of having to paint your screws by hand and ensure a quality professional finish by ordering your custom coloured fasteners online.

With rapid turnaround times of usually 2-4 days to produce from our standard painted fasteners, we offer one of the fastest turnaround times for custom coloured screws and rivets in Australia.

If timing on your painted product is crucial for your project, please don't hesitate in contacting us prior to ordering and we'll do our very best to help.

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